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Sustainability is providing for the needs of the present in a way that does not adversely affect the future's ability to provide for those needs when their time comes. It is about taking responsibility for the future that we leave our children.

~ Northern Development

Welcome to our website, dedicated to demonstrating the eco-economic value of sustainability. We strive to provide an information repository for those interested in cost-effective products and technologies that lead to providing sustainability in business, industry, and municipalities.

This website is also the location where the projects and processes are developed and implemented at Harbec Plastics, Inc. will be reported.

In the near future, thanks to a grant from NYSERDA, you will be able to view in real time, the economic & environmental performance of the Harbec CHP Improvement Projects. You will also be able to extract useful information which will help you to evaluate the same potentials for implementation at your own site.To view the site to date, must be in Internet Explorer- click here to download, then click on the windmill in the lower right of this page, leave "user" and "password" fields blank and click Login button.


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